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Thread: EA chickens out, pulls Taliban from MoH multiplayer

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    after all it's just a game and therefore they should have let us play as the Taliban, kinda disappointing though i guess i saw it coming.

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    just another example of Kid Glove mentality. Man, i could only wonder what this country would be like if we had that mentality back in the 50's. Probably be more fat, limp dicked depressed people then we do now i guess.

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    No it's the only right thing to do because killing people has to be presented as being moral .

    This is in no way my opinion but I heard someone say that probably someone should bomb them or something.
    It's all Meg's fault.

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    Good marketing move.1
    1) Include taliban - get press reporting it.
    2) let it rest
    3) remove it - get press reporting it.


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