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Thread: Article: Anti-Piracy Law Firm Evacuated After Bomb Threat

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    I guess it moves up a notch. Gives the money grubbers something to think about hey

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    I smell a rat here. This group is typically non-hostile. A bomb threat is more likely to be a BS tactic of the "lawyers" to get the police to pursue the DDoS attacks than be a true threat.

    One of the recent articles posted here said the MPAA was trying to link copyright infringement with terrorism. Sounds like the same cowardly shit to me...

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    This definitely isn't by the DDoS people. They've got a good thing going and this would ruin them which so I agree with you megabyteme about the lawyers plot

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    This would be taking it one step to far in my opinion. One: the DDoS attack just targets the company as a whole where a bomb threat is way more to a personal level. Two: It cost the tax-payers money.

    Like people said however this might be an independant action by people not involved with the DDoS attacks or even a conspiracy.

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    This doesn't sound like a group of internet pranksters to me. A bomb threat is an act of active terrorism, IMO. It seems like the law firm is trying to connect this perhaps-unrelated event to a DDoS

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    yea thats stupid and crossing the line. ddos is one thing but a bomb threat? thats just bad bad bad. also like previously said, that is a blow to the innocent taxpayers as well.


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