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Thread: attn: Astraweb users - server address changes

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    From Astraweb site:

    Updated Server Connection Settings

    It has been over a year and a half ago that we mentioned we would be phasing out older connection details in order to make things simpler and more consistent.
    The following hostnames/server addresses are no longer supported. If you are using any one of these names to connect to our servers then please use the settings as listed in the "Current Settings" section.

    Deprecated Server Addresses:

    Current Settings
    These are the settings that remain valid for use:

    General Servers (Non SSL) on ports 119, 23, 1818 or 8080:
    - (European servers)
    - (U.S. servers)

    Secure Servers (SSL) on ports 443 or 563.
    - (European servers)
    - (U.S. servers)

    If you should have any problems with these settings, please contact Support for assistance.

    I've got to wonder why they decided to pull the plug on their old server addresses on a Saturday morning, considering that if any customers can't figure it out for themselves, they don't usually answer questions on weekends.

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    Thanks for the update, was wondering why I was unable to connect. All sorted now


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