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Thread: Article: ACS:Law Boss: I Feel Defeated And Could Go Bankrupt

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    Normally It hurts me to see a company go down and a person having financial troubles. While I have never been bankrupt myself it something that will hunt you for years to come. I do however not feel sad for this man who made money by extorting money from regular families. Putting them in a hard financial situation.

    When will companies learn that you do not defeat Internet piracy by fighting them, you only force more people into piracy with all these hard rules and systems and only cost you money putting in those systems in games and DVDs. System that hurt legal buyer more then the pirate (Settler 7 downtime and the locked DVD movies on some DVD players.)

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    Whats that saying? What goes around comes around. This is karma at full strength. Lets hope this smiling assassin realizes this money making idea, not only hurts poor families, but also hurts his sad little world he lives in. How someone can drive around in a luxury car, knowing he's made his money from taking families to court because kids are downloading movies and music. I think this will teach him a lesson in life to keep his bragging to himself and take a step off his high horse he thinks he's on. Deserves all he's getting given to him. Sad man

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    I can understand the various publishing houses wanting to stem the flow of profits. After all, they spent time and money developing the material that so many of us take for granted (or just take).

    On the flip side, I have no sympathy for lawyers whatsoever, because they have invested nothing into producing material, yet they have discovered a lucrative way of making money. It is no different from those injury claims, whereby you might get several thousand dollars or stirling, while they end up with three or more times what you achieved.

    ACS Law, just like any other copyright infringer legal service, is purely in it for the money. They have no concern for the copyright holder, except that they are the ticket for these people getting rich. These lawyers are akin to wheel clampers who obtain the landowners consent to clamp illegal parkers, then go about their business trying to clamp just about everyone in sight, regardless of whether they are breaking the law or not.

    Anyone who creates a business practice based purely on greed deserves to fail. While the vast majority of businesses offer something to the populace (food, entertainment, resources), this is one area that is purely self serving. An old friend of mine is a lawyer (litigation), and even he admits that people get into the business of interpretting law for their own ends. They offer nothing, and take all.

    My own view is that if a government implements laws, as they normally do, then it should be a requirement that they police and enforce those laws, and not leave it to capitalists who will exploit it.

    Public service. Public duty...


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