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Thread: Dvd Player Side-effects

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    I bought a region 2 dvd player and got a multiregion hack off the internet (happy days) so I put the disc in, and set the settings of detecting the disk to "Auto" so it wont give me the "Not Pal" message on ntsc dvd's, now for the downer, anything not region 2 is in black and white even the menu's of the dvd, and if I set it back to PAL it cant play the DVD, can anyone help? my DVD player is Toshiba DVD Player SD125E , I suppose I shouldnt be whining being able to view the DVD at all but all my friends have multicrackedregion and they have colour, it was for another DVD player(Toshiba SD 220-E) but they say it works on my type too, it did but I got side-effects. the hack was a firmware upgrade disk.

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    Originally posted by Bebi@5 November 2003 - 11:08
    The Update CD does not modify the firmware – it only updates some setting and that’s why this single CD will work with a number of different DVD models (Toshiba’s of course but nothing older than 120/220) irrespective of firmware version. So no chance of messing up the firmware! (that’s the theory anyway)

    I checked my firmware before and after running the update CD. Nothing changed so obviously the firmware was not updated.

    To Identify the firmwareRom Version
    Zoom , 6 , 0 , 6 , Zoom

    For my player, which I bought 1st week in Aug 2003.
    Boot Room Version: v1.300
    Main Room version: v1.700 - R2
    OSD: Eng/Fre/Ger/Spa/Ita
    Dimmer: Normal/Dimmed/Off
    SRV: MK2

    The update itself took exactly 9 secs.

    The following link for an uncorrupted version of the Region-Free CD (the file on the original French site file is corrupted)

    Or search via emule/edonkey.

    You must Write the CD in DAO (Disk at once mode – not track at once) Use Nero or CDRWin etc.

    Switch on DVD Player
    Press SETUP
    Under the Picture option Change the Pal/Auto setting to Auto
    Press SETUP again to return to main screen.
    Insert the Update CD.
    CD will spin Up.
    The following images were displayed
    ’Nabe the Wiz’ (Could have been ‘Mabe the Wiz’ it came up only for a few seconds) and then ends with ‘FIN’
    Remove CD.
    Switch DVD Player On/Off to make sure it isn’t still trying to update.
    And way you go… region free
    These are the instructions I followed so I didnt mess my firmware up

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    Mate its nothing to do with the firmware or anything like that be carefull you dont kill your player.Its either your tvs an oldie which isnt capable of a ntsc signal(which is most likely the one) or you set the player up wrong.On the old mod chips before the hacks there used to be a 50'60hz feature,,especially for older & incompatible tvs.If you do a search on goggle for sites that do modchips for dvdplayers,,you will be able to find some kind of adapter cheap or next to nothing.But check all the menus and switches on the back of he player first.Or it maybe possible to loop through your vcr.


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