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Thread: Latinbit Help

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    Hola FST,

    Seems my account at Latinbit has just been disabled (hacer trampa)

    I had no hit & run's and had about a 30GB buffer.

    I don't see any way of contacting staff there. If someone can help me out it would be appreciated.

    Here is a screentoast of my speedtest:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadiense View Post
    (hacer trampa)
    That means cheating if that's what you're wondering. As for how to contact their staff, try this:
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Thank you for the link anon. I can assure you there was no cheating. I use a seedbox with a 100/100Mpbs connection.

    However, that link is not working for me. I can fill out the form ok, but get error on submission :

    Se ha producido un error!

    No se puede enviar correo. Póngase en contacto con un administrador acerca de este error.

    Looks like I need another way of contacting admin there.


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