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Thread: RAID0 Catastrophic failure

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    I've a nvidia hardware RAID0 stripe running on one of my machines, and recently it started showing some critical errors, mostly parity errors.
    When I went check its SMART status, one of the 2 HDDs presented an attribute 187 failure (indicates a number of errors that could not be recovered using hardware ECC).
    I then knew I had a serious problem in hands.

    Via Hiren's bootcd I ran a lot of tests on both the HDDs, but no DOS program managed to find the second (faulty) raided HDD to surface scan it and correct errors, which would eventually allow me to boot and backup all my stuff to another place.

    Does anybody know of a solution for this? How to individually scan the 2nd raided HDD ?

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    I didn't got it? How did you managed the backup from a raid0 the if a disk was still faulty?


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