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Thread: FTBZ members.. which trackers and DDL sites are used over there?

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    Hi all,

    I ended up here because I wanted to find internet sources for football since I get none on TV, right now I can't get into FTBZ or footytorrents because registration is always closed but most DDL sites are searchable and I'm hoping the trackers FTBZ members use are public too. I'm a member of some other sports trackers and sites so I can get most of the EPL no problem, a lot of La Liga and Serie A too but not all and I would love at least some Bundesliga and god willing Eredivisie or some other leagues.

    I keep checking every day maybe some day I'll get into one of those sites, but for now if someone could just share where the matches get uploaded that would be great.

    P.s. when I'm allowed to I plan on begging for on invite to footytorrents in the proper forum like all the other suckers

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    Oh shit, looks like, a place I bookmarked for music, has more football than I could possibly watch. They even have Holland, Portugal, Belgium, France plus asian and south american leagues. God bless Russia I guess.

    Just thought I'd share with other footie fans with the same perdicament as me
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    Meh, just got into footytorrents which is a very nice tracker for Bundesliga, Serie A, EPL and La Liga, some French league on there too.. however, football fans that can't get into the tracker can do just as well or better with other options.

    For instance -- more leagues and games than you'd ever need SD & some HD, just use and babelfish if you can't read russian -- has some EPL, Serie A, La Liga plus UEFA and some international friendlies SD&HD -- same as above EPL, Serie A, La Liga but all HD -- DDL site for anything on TV which includes footie (some EPL, Serie A, La Liga), may be slower but you can avoid lowering share ratios on the trackers by using this sometimes. -- British TV, mainly EPL and some Champions/UEFA as far as footie is concerned -- very good football forum in spanish, lots of leagues and games but all links to DDL as far as I can tell which is good in some cases, might need to get used to searching out what you want.
    DDL Search engines -- (ie. These will turn up pretty much anything upped in football forums or DDL forums that you can't get into, don't want to register for, or don't want to be bothered with.
    Public trackers -- Mainly only the big league or international matches but no ratio requirements and usually still good speeds.

    That's what I got in the last couple of days but I think I'm set for my footballing needs. Hope this is of help for someone else as well.

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    So I tested the sites a bit today and pretty much only the russian tracker has all the games right after they are done which is a bit dissappointing since commentary is russian, you'd think a tracker for football only ( would have the games up right away. has some of the games coming in after that, in HD so that's nice but also not in english instead it's italian

    Every other site still has nothing from today as I write this so I have my sources narrowed down for the coming stages . I'm still not a member at sport-scene though which I hear is pretty good so hopefully in the future I'll get another reliable footy source (with commentary in a launguage I understand) and I'll be set.
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    This one is correct -
    Quote Originally Posted by jiddu View Post -- more leagues and games than you'd ever need SD & some HD, just use and babelfish if you can't read russian

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    oh ya, sorry went or is going private and now they have all the UCL games up pretty fast, everything is freeleech untill OCT 30th. Maybe there'll be more league matches now.

    I'm really curious about, reg is always closed when I check though.

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    Thanks for this informative thread on where to find football (soccer). Any idea where's a good site to find MLS as well? I know they're not perfect, but still they're getting better

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