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Thread: Suggestions for Black Metal torrents?

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    I am looking for a music site that tracks Black Metal torrents. Most music trackers do not have much of a selection in this genre, but I imagine there has to be a few places out there that cater to the more niche genres.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Tons of black metal uploaded, with a lot of discographies. Black metal requests are also filled rather quickly.

    Romanian Metal Torrents is also pretty good, but you'll find less content than you will at RockBox, but with a lot of FLAC images.

    However, my first choice for black metal is, believe it or not,, mainly because I have the room for FLAC. I'm continually surprised at how many well-ripped black metal FLAC albums get uploaded. It's got a dedicated group of black metal fanatics, including me, who are constantly uploading new albums. I can't say for sure how many black metal albums it tracks as it only shows the first 1000 results, but a quick search yielded 1000 results from the last 2 months. I'm sure there are many 1000's more.

    I also found this place pretty useful for a lot of obscure stuff:
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    VipMusic has Black metal. has a lot of black metal. And if torrents fail you(which I don't see why with all the suggestions) then go DC++.
    Good luck.

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    1,219 and metal.iplay are your best choices

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    Metal IPlay
    Demons Eye
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    good luck bro
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    Thanks everyone for the tips! I really appreciate it!


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