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Thread: Article: UK STUDY: Nearly Half of Wi-Fi Networks Unsecure

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    Capitalism will be the death of freedom, as more and more freely available information becomes chargeable.

    If they can sell it, they do sell it.

    As for sharing, they discourage that vehemently. I am sure the car makers hate car sharing, yet they have no power to stop it. After all, a car is fitted with four or five seats (and sometimes more), so why doesn't music allow four or five shares? Because they have you wrapped around their finger.

    Money, money, money...

    'Excuse me, do you have the time please?'. 'Yes I do. That'll be $1 please.'

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    Surely if the ISP provided the router with little or no security or no easy to read instructions on how to setup then they must have equal blame.
    I wonder what will happen if all piracy goes secure? Will the IPS's or government just hack everyone PC to see what there up to?

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    great tecnology


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