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Thread: torrentleech account disabled

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    Any mods here that can tell me why my account has been disabled??

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    and now your fst accout disabled
    lucky one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Condor View Post
    and now your fst accout disabled
    lucky one
    excuse me?

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    you can get quick support on their IRC channel.

    IRC client, head to #torrentleech at or :+7021(ssl).

    Type "/join #torrentleech" to join the TL channel. You need to register your site name to access the help bot in the channel. Upon entering the network type "/msg NickServ REGISTER YourPassword YourEmailAddress", followed by enter, to register your name with the channel. Type "!help" to access the automated TL help service. Upon returning to the channel, again, type "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY YourPassword" to identify yourself to the channel.
    Once you joined - then head for support channel. #support

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    thanks alot

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    no prob-lem-o!

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    If they tell you it's an "admin ban", you'll need to e-mail support AT torrentleech DOT org, with the following details:

    • Your TL username
    • Your TL e-mail address
    • Who invited you
    • Who you invited
    • Last 5 downloads
    • Your IP address

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    excuse me?
    Look to the left of your post, below your username.
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