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Thread: How Long Does It.....

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    Oct 2003
    how long does it take to build your own pc???

    hours, days, months....

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    depends on experience.

    i build my own myself and from the day i order the parts (newegg) i usually have my computer up and running 3-4 days after that.

    the shipping takes a day or two. the putting together doesn't take very much time at all if you know what you're doing. the most time consuming part for me is re-arranging my wires and cable so i can get maximum air flow to the vital parts.

    if you have any specific questions... shoot.


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    Originally posted by netweiser-@5 November 2003 - 14:55
    how long does it take to build your own pc???

    hours, days, months....
    If you need to ask then don't even try to build one yourself. Get some big company to scre... oops prebuild one for you.

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    The longest part is taking them damn metal things from the cd rom bays

    After that it takes like 20 minutes to throw it all together

    Thats if you have all the parts with you.

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    for just putting together a normal system, and you have no plans on overclocking it. it should take 2-3 hours at most. it takes me 1 1/2 hours to take this completely apart, and backtogether again. and put all the wires back in the right place.
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    It usually takes me about an hour. It would be less if I didn't care what it looked like inside, but i take pride in my work.

    But as Vb*insert number here* says, if you don't know what you are doing you can spend a long time and get it very wrong.

    Having said that, if you are able to work logically, there is nothing dificult.

    Assemble the case first (if necessary).
    Fit the processor, heatsink/fan and memory to the motherboard, then fit the motherboard to the case. Fit the mobo power cable(s), and any led, usb, serial, parallel and audio connectors.
    Work out where the cables are going to run before fitting fd, hd, cd, dvd etc, and it is usually best to fit the cables before tightening the screws for these devices. Make sure you are not restricting airflow.
    Finally, fit cards (graphics, network sound etc).

    It has probably taken me almost as long to think about that and write it out as it would take me to actually do the job, but I've been doing it for 20+ years and pc's are relatively simple systems, so I don't normally have to record the various steps. If there's ANYTHING you haven't understood then follow Vb's advice and pay someone else to do it for you.
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    The last pc, I did it took me about 2 1/2 hours, that includes the installation of the OS.
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    about an hour to put one together for me.

    and it us kind of hard to mess up at it. many of the things only fit in certain places (don't force things). If you know how to use a screwdriver and are will to read a few pages of stuff then it shouldn't be too hard.

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    Yeah it usually takes me about an hour or so,sometimes less provided I don't run into any problems.If you don't know what you are doing then do some research before you try to do it yourself so as you don't make a mistake and fry your new comp.
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    So far I've got about 15-20 hours of actual work and 4 or 5 times that thinking about what I want to do.

    If you are just assembling stock parts maybe 3-5 hours for your first machine.
    Before you put the mobo in for the final time, take a good look at the row of pins where you will have to connect your power switch, HDD led, etc. Those little bastards are tiny and a pain in the ass to get to after the board is in. Especially if you've never done it before...
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