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Thread: Pop Email Client That Can Be Run From

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    Does anyone know of a pop client that could be run from a 256mb USB ram drive? What i'm hoping for is the ability to simply plug my memory stick into any systems usb port, then run said client. In addition to the executable itself, my email account details would be stored on the ram stick, together with my address book, and any mail i receive, compose etc.

    I tried Mozilla Thunderbird having found that it's installation does not make any registry entries, however my email account details, address book and mail is stored on the local drive and the client is not configurable otherwise.

    If anyone has any ideas, recommendations or advice, i would be very grateful.


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    you may want to try
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    try popcorn

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    Thanks ObiWan for the link. I have actually been using mail2web, the only thing that i don't like is the fact that it adds a tag line to my messages. Otherwise it is a brilliant service mind you. Thanks again.

    @Mediaslayer. Thanks for the tip. This seems to be a great little app, just what i've been looking for.

    If anyone else knows of any other clients, please let me know. I'll be happy to use Popcorn, but would be curious to test out any other apps.


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