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Thread: Reinstalling Software.

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    I installed some software some time ago, i forgot to crack it and the trial ran out, so i uninstalled it.
    Now i have the crack, but when i try to reinstall it, it recognizes it as "already installed" ?
    How can i reinstall so i can execute crack? I do have RegCleaner 4.3, can this do something for me?

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    i had something like that happen to me. I don't have an answer but I will say in my case the program was storing the "trial ran out" values as stuff like "3CF4480909890980980" or something like that. Look for values like "never installed=0" and stuff like that on your computer, maybe deep in documents and settings. Long story short-it's hard to undo that, you might be screwed, wait for 2nd opinion though.

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