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Thread: Drive Angry 3D ,It's a joke right?

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    Is this part of a new trend to make really bad movies because it's... easier and then pretend that they set out to intentionally try to emulate grindhouse

    Anyway I will watch anything the has Amber Heard in shorts so they basically wasted their time putting car crashes and guns and other people and sound in the trailer .

    "From the director of My Bloody Valentine" like that's suppose to be a good thing?
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    It's all Meg's fault.

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    Blah blah blaaah Amber Heard blah blah in 3D.

    Ticket pleeze.
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    As you are an annoying asshole with serious mental problems and no redeeming qualities I would say that it's totally understandable.

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    If all my Rolls-Royces had been confiscated by the IRS, I'd drive angrily too.
    But, since I'm just a regular guy, it'd be in 2D and Amber Heard would not be involved.
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