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Thread: Article: Blizzard sues Starcraft II hackers

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    Lol, i didnt think anyone paid for trainers/hacks so good luck getting some profits. Trainers for single player / offline is fine but it ruins the game for online players but suing seems a bit much.

    Are they suing JUST for the online trainers/hacks?

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    i gotta say i side with blizzard on this one. but they are probably mistaken if they think anyone made money from the hacks.

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    I'll gladly be the hackers' lawyer. Sadly the most that can be done is the ISP/hosting yielding to cease and desist orders, but the hacks in themselves violate no laws/agreements, and agreements cannot take away private rights (such as modifying end-user files locally, technically anything on your computer you own).

    Basically: This will just be Blizzard trying to prolong the battle until the hackers run out of the cash flow to continue to defend themselves. They have no legitimate legal angle, though.

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    it's important to note that they banned users using these trainers in offline mode also. even if you never used it during online play your account was nuked.

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    While users using hacks was always an issue with the original Starcraft game. (At least 95% of all online gamers used some type of cheat whenever playing.) It didn't seem to hurt Blizzard in any way. Im wondering why they are making a big issue of it happening on the 2nd game. It was a major pain in the butt to have hackers in every game... dont get me wrong.
    Its nice they are trying to get rid of the cheaters...
    xbox live should take up on similar policies. Might make more of their games more fun for people who don't cheat.

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    Well, Blizzard, make your games unhackable.... hehe!


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