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Thread: Anyone For Oxo?

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    Mar 2003

    read the anonymous review posted on the 10/10

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    yorkshire, england
    When my boyfriend told me he wanted to take me up the Oxo Tower for my birthday, I was a bit hesitant at first because I didn't really think it was my scene. How wrong I was! I mean, yeah, so it's a bit of a strain on the old back pocket, and I admit I did feel a bit uncomfortable initially. But a couple of cocktails helped me relax and soon I was really getting into it - we carried on well into the night. It was a great experience and I really loved it - so much so that I won't let my boyfriend take me anywhere else now! So if anyone ever wants to take you up the Oxo Tower, just throw caution to the wind and go for it!

    you say to-may-toe, i say to-mah-toe
    no one says po-ta-to though

    in other words i dont get it

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    mmm I love oxy's wait you said oxo my bad

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    OXO is a beef stock used in cooking. It usually comes in the form of a cube. It is brown in colour.
    To be "taken up the OXO tower" would be somewhat akin to being done up the "Marmite motorway", or the "council gritter".
    for further forays into the world of guttural euphemisms, may I direct you to:


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