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Thread: nzb's from teevee channel

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    So I downloaded an nzb from teevee chan as soon as it was posted there

    it failed with xsnews - saying all parts missing

    tried it with astraweb (it was posted to eu.astraweb) also failed! (I was using ssl though - connected to, and blocknews all failed) [post was fine though as it worked later on]

    as it was posted to eu.astraweb shouldn't it have been available on the ssl server straight away? how long does it takes posts to propogate to other servers like giganews/xsnews/blocknews etc?
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    Posting servers often have a backlog, which means your post must wait in a queue until all the previous posts in the queue have been processed. Typically, it usually takes a few minutes on average before a post shows up on the same server it was just posted on. Sometimes the wait can be much longer.

    Giganews users might well remember in late 2008 when Giganews post backlog was as long as several days, though some people reported that their posts permanently disappeared into the ether. (This was also during the same period that Giganews was advertising 240 days retention but delivering only 190)

    Also, the article bodies and headers are handled differently within the server. Sometimes one can be retrieved before the other.

    As to the question of how fast posts on one provider get to another provider - a lot can depend on the actual transmission path it takes, as well as any server backlog. (If you use a real newsreader (rather than an NZB downloader) you can check a post's path and other details such as posting client used) There is no hardfast rule on wait times. Between 3 and 12 minutes seems typical, but waiting over a half-hour is not unusual.

    One last point. Everything I've just said is based on my own experience, rather than any direct knowledge of how these systems actually work.

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    thanks zot

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    Astraweb has had many problems these months- propagation issues, incompletes< speed issues(full 5.5MB(or 9+Mb if i choose to activate my ISPs accelerator) download on giganews with just 10 connections 100% of time vs 2+Mb on eu astra servers with 20 connections.
    Its a pity since before all this crap has started i could get my max speed with 10 astra connections as well

    MOST of uploaders use astraweb=> face the wraith of 11$ cheap usenet

    It happened once ot twice already to astra and now we are facing it again.

    Sometimes posts dont get properly propagated at all resulting in unrepairable upload.Sometimes it takes hours to get uploaded posts processed to a complete(hopefully) status

    PS tested both on astraweb\giganews. But it doesnt really matter since the source of all evil comes from astraweb and the army of lemmings they have but cant support a decent level of service as of now
    I had to reactivate my giganews account because of this sh1te.
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