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Thread: How to recover data after a virus?

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    My labtop was infected by a trojan virus i was not able to restore from an earlier setting. I did get rid of the virus and reinstalled windows vista but now i want to recover my word documents and pictures and other programs but i do not know how. How can i recover all my data?
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    Try Recuva, File Rescue Plus, or maybe WinHex, although if you've reinstalled Windows on the same drive you want to recover data from, chances are you've already overwritten a lot of what could possibly be recovered. Next time, boot from a live CD and back your documents up first.
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    there are several good programs though most can be found on hirens boot cd. getbackdata ntfs and mini xp has worked for me in the past.

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    get the hiren's boot cd and start trying hdd recovery softwares in. Start with diskimage or photorec

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    lmfao, but seriously the only way is to use File Scavenger Data Recovery Utility. Even then most of your data is prob corrupted(because of virus) or written over by new system. Good luck
    Remember young noobwalker when using File Scavenger Data Recovery Utility to recover files to an external drive or you'll just be diggin your hole deeper, even now by using the same pc you want to recover the files from your writing over your lost data.
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    as anon-sbi said, chances are very low. You can also try pctools file recover.
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    Keep in mind that your files and data are not lost forever. In fact, chances are, these lost data are still right there in your computer hard drive. When you delete a file, your operating system is just deleting the path that you use to access that specific data. You may consider using Data Recovery Pro.

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    Hi there, the best way to do this is to install an updated virus software and then update and then do a scan. Another way is to transfer all your data via usb to another PC that has updated virus protection. This way anything that is infected will be detected before transfer to new PC (it will give you the error message and indicating do you want to keep going). I hope this has help your question.

    Another thing is to if your files are already infected, you have most likely lost them. there are some programs out there to fix them (quarantine). I hope this has helped.
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    getdataback works great but you need you try google


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