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Thread: Can I Hook Up My 5.1 Speakers To This Asus Mthrbrd

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    hi all! i want to buy a good asus board! and i think i found one! and i am not a fan of IA at all but thats seems to be all asus offers! so i amost warmed up to the idea of IA untin i started to read the specs and i coundnt get a clean answer reg: wether or not i will be able to hook up my 5.1 (6 piece) speaks to the onboard audio! below is a link to the board i have my eyes on !

    and below here are some speakers i hav my eyes on as well!

    i need good sound gentlemen and if im not gonna get it with this board i must move one

    if the board above doesnt connect the way i like it to,.... could any one recomend an ASUS board that wil make me happy ? thank you all for the helps !

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    Connection - Yes.

    Asus even claim to be able to tell you if you've connected things wrong, but I suspect this will be a simple Q&A session to sort things out.

    The 5.1 sound from the mobo should be ok, you will never get top quality from an onboard sound card, but as always you get what you pay for. It should be as good as any other IA system and probably better than low priced add-on cards, if there still are any.

    The ultimate sound reproduction really depends on your speakers, once again you get what you pay for.
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    thank you very much !


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