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Thread: any client can quickly change download to" different location easily?

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    I currently use alt.binz and i'm wondering whether there is a different client out there that will allow me to quickly change my download to location. e.g. if i download movie and music, i want to easily select the correct hard drive/folders for them to go to.

    At the moment, alt.binz don't allow me to quickly change a loaction when adding a nzb. I find that i have to select the location in settings, then close and re-open for it to work. I want something similar to utorrent where i can select each time i add a torrent.

    idas appreciated

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    sabnzbd and categories feature

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    Altbinz handles this differently depending on the method you use to load an NZB in the client:

    1. downloading an NZB from a webpage and telling your browser window to open it by launching Altbinz OR doubling clicking an an NZB and letting Altbinz open it.
    2. downloading an NZB from a webpage and saving to disk, then "importing" the NZB into Altbinz.
    3. using Altbinz's built-in search engines - *doing this will ask you every time where you want to make your download directory*.

    You don't need to touch altbinz's 'settings' to temporarily set a download folder. You can just rightclick on a file in the download queue and change the destination folder. (This will not move rars that have already downloaded, only subsequent rars if you make this change in mid-download)

    I have no clue why the developer decided to use a popup window (asking the person where to place the download) every time you use the built-in search engines, but not giving you that same option when importing an NZB.

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    All main REAL newsreaders can do that
    newsbin pro
    usenet explorer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duron View Post
    sabnzbd and categories feature

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    Sabnzbd+ and use the categories.


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