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Thread: any football (euro) there?

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    I'm just wondering what Sport-scene has to offer in terms of european football, I've been trying to get in for a while but haven't seen open sign ups yet to be able to see for myself and it doesn't look like I'll be able to anytime soon. I don't have a lot of other interests in terms of filesharing so I've collected a small number of sports related tracker memberships but they still manage to leave gaps which I'd love to fill.

    So, if anyone would be so kind, are there any Serie A, La Liga or Bundesliga matches upped on a regular basis at sport-scene?

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    i think u can find some on ipt gft or even torrentday

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    337 has a lot of football.

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    there are 366 active torrents in football category on sport-scene. Send me some proofs of your ratio on other sites and i'll help you with invite


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