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    hello people
    my notebook is giving me a lot of grief now it has a problem that i never faced with any of my computers before which is, why its taking 10x more time to startup and load start up items like utorrent etc and i am even having trouble playing videos in firefox its just hangs up for a few sec when buffering starts and pages are making it difficult with new tabs taking 5/7 sec to open i ran the memory diagnostic tool but after startup id did not generated any report and problem persists i also tried sys restore but after even it did not give any msgs abt was it successful or not (which i guess not) it all started when i installed kaspersky trial and removed it in 2 days after 2/3 restarts i dont know what to do and yes one more thing when all start up items load up and FF running after a while everything's seems to be working just fine, any idea whats goin on??? thanx

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    Do this:

    Go to your desktop, to do this and make sure you did it right hit the Windows button and M at the same time. (Windows + m)
    Hit (windows + r)
    Type "msconfig"
    Go to the 5th/6th tab, it should be called "startup"
    Un-tick any things you don't want running as soon as your pc starts.
    Defrag your computer overnight.
    Ellipses go here.

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    And check for viruses.

    Also, I don't know how competent you are with hardware (your post leads me to think you're not), but I'd have the internals looked at just to make sure the connections are all as they should be - ram not sticking out, fan still connected, etc.

    I only mention this because I once had to reconnect the fan for my gfx card on my laptop.

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    Better check your startup sequence with HIJACKTHIS, and your HDD condition with Active Hard Disk Monitor.

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    you should run a diagonistic check up on your HDD, which I presume is creating the problem for you...

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    First off, see this: .
    It's a full stop or period and it helps readers to see where one sentence ends and another begins. This makes it easier for others to fully understand your post.

    From what I can gather, you didn't like Kaspersky for one reason or another & uninstalled it and your laptop is taking a long time to boot to the desktop since that point.
    You don't say whether you installed other security software after Kaspersky or are running without. Do you have protection running? Antimalware of any sort that runs at startup will slow things down if it scans a lot of files. Norton, Eset, Spybot, Superantispyware, MS Defender... what have you got, if anything?
    What Operating System are you using?
    How much memory do you have?
    How much hard drive space is there, and what is the total capacity?
    Does the laptop connect to a home network and shares when it boots?

    What everyone else has suggested is true: startup items can build up without you realising and should be assessed and disabled unless necessary.
    Popular shit that often needs disabling are: adobe's acrotray & speedlauncher, realplayer, quicktime's qttask, winamp's agent & detector, a plethora of spying applets from Nero. Superantispyware and spybot's teatime can both be disabled if you have competent pretection installed (like Kaspersky ) or one sacrificed for the other if you don't.
    Some shit needs to be prevented from automatically starting through the Services applet in Administrative Tools in Control Panel (XP/Vista/7) or by typing services.msc in the 'run' box prompt.
    You may find that certain things (adobe shit) get re-enabled when their main programs are run (acrobat, reader) or updated and need to be re-disabled, if that's a valid expression. I use Kaspersky and it's application control system allows me to specify that adobe's acrotray and speedlauncher are undesirable programs that shall not run. Other security software may well offer that same functionality.

    Please post back with your answers/findings.
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    sorry for my late reply my modem also got broken but thankfully i am back online again
    so i read ur reply and apologies for not using punctuations well.
    well the findings are as follows
    i think the problem resides with the hardware bcoz i did the HDD check and reports say its OK
    then i did the startup check everything was ok except for the CPU my dual core processor was listed in the results list and result said "cpu test passed" but had a warning sign after it
    i also noticed that when i hit the power button it takes around 5/7 seconds before the OEM logo shows up, before it was instant
    second pause comes when i get to "starting windows" point where microsoft logo shows up it also takes around 5/7 secs and after that everything starts to function narmally except that firefox taking too much time to load, other softwarez are working fine
    i have removed all startup items but the siatuation is as it was so i think problem does not reside here
    Right now i dont have any security software installed as normally i stay, only install them when i need them coz i only have 512 MB ram
    i dont have any adobe soft installed except for flash player
    hardware specifications are as follows
    Intel dual core
    512 MB ram
    120 GB HDD
    win 7 genuine
    well thats all and yes the problem started after 3/4 restarts after uninstalling kaspersky
    one question- shud i consider buying a new PC????

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    Punctuation is the common method but carriage returns work fine.

    I would say the first problem is lack of memory. Win7 needs more than 512MB to run acceptably - minimum specs specify 1GB. Look into the possibility of adding another stick of RAM or swapping what you have for a larger one if there isn't another slot.

    Regarding it being slow to POST, go into BIOS (usually [F2], [F8] or [del] key when booting) and check settings there.
    Try to set specific hardware for drives instead of having them be auto-detected at boot as this slows the POSTing process. You can often load 'safe' or 'performance' default settings if you're unsure what the settings mean.
    The boot order can have an effect, too; setting it to boot from the hard drive first is the fastest setting but will need to be changed if there's a problem and you want to boot from a CD/DVD for testing or diagnostic purposes. Something as simple as having a non-booting disc in the DVD drive can force the system to read it before going on to boot from the hard drive.
    You'll probably find that the CPU is detected at boot and it can't be specified manually so mis-configuration there is unlikely.
    Other than that there's not a lot you can do about the slow POST process.

    Windows is loading drivers and system files when you see the Windows splash screen so slow performance here is usually down to fragmented system drive/partition.
    Install a decent defragging tool (I use Perfectdisk but other members here like O&O and others) and set it to either run once a month or during idle times (screensaver ands stealth modes etc.) to keep fragmentation low.
    Missing files such as drivers and those for uninstalled programs will hit boot performance, too. Trendmicro's Hijackthis is excellent for, amongst other things, highlighting missing files but be careful as it sometimes reads switches at the end of command lines ('/s' etc.) as part of the path and thinks the file is missing when it actually isn't. MS used to allow you to get Windows to write a bootlog.txt which you could scan for failures but I'm not sure whether that's available in Win7.
    MS Office has a tendency to bog down this part of boot for some reason. Not sure exactly what it adds that takes time but I've noticed that things take longer immediately after it's installed. Might be all those bloody fonts it comes with.
    Install and use CCleaner (or similar) regularly with your defrag tool. This'll help clear space for existing files to be defragged and prevent fragmentation of new files.

    Other stuff running at boot usually occurs when you're loading the desktop. Things like systray applets and user-specific services load at this point so if the desktop appears and is available to use fairly promptly then there's not much needs sorting out.
    Windows Defender does run in the background (often stopping useful and safe stuff from running) unless you go into the program's settings and disable it there. Don't just remove it from the list in msconfig and services.msc as this causes Windows to complain.

    There, that's plenty to be getting on with.
    Let us know your findings.
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    ok used ccleaner and defraged the HDD
    windows defender is turned off
    went into bios but everything there is seems to be fine as it was before the trouble started
    do ye need any screenshots?? etc


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