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    K guys and gals, I have a request to make. If anybody can help me find the complete season of F Troop I would be forever grateful...oh and maybe also a doc named The Philosopher Stoned...never finished watching it and I would like to.
    I have searched on dh, TL, S*C and of course Google and found nada. With the help of you guys maybe I can reunite with this show/doc. Thx in advance!

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    F Troop is on BMTV and tvtorrents and prolly some other TV-trackers ...

    Don't know if you are limited to torrents but F Troop can also be found on the Usenet and on Warez-BB.
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    I'm so surprised anybody remembers this show...any-who thx again for the reply. And no not limited to torrents but would of been nice...also, no Usenet but I will check out Warez-BB ( <----TBH I didn't even think about it)

    What about the latter?

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    the latter can be found on karagarga.
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    Damn it another site I'm not a member of...anybody up for upping it at one of the sites mentioned?

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    it is not a tracker but i thought maybe you can't find it at RS :

    F-Troop Complete Seasons 1 and 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cisco---Scene View Post
    it is not a tracker
    I wasn't talking about Warez-BB, I was talking about karagarga...but thx you for the link. (was about to logon and look for it.)

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    Warez-BB should be one of the first places where to look for rare stuff

    Make sure you use a program like jDownloader or RDesc to automate the process (specially with RAR parts) in case you aren't doing so already.
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    Warez-BB is all you need for rarity stuff!!


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