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Thread: Article: Software Developers Try Lower Prices to Fight Chinese Pirates

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    hmm, I think theres a niche in the market there, cheap software importing lol

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    This is shud hav been considered a long time ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by duke0102 View Post
    hmm, I think theres a niche in the market there, cheap software importing lol
    You're right... I can see it now. Bootleg copies make their way into the U.S., manufacturers introduce technology to fight it, hackers circumvent the technical protection. Oh wait, that's already happening! Nothing will change because once people have downloaded something for free they will not pay for it even at reduced prices if it still is available for free.... which they all are.
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    You think it will work? Stingy pirates out there crack $0.99 iPhone ipa's.

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    I was thinking of the "after dropping prices for a stand-alone version of Windows 7 Home Basic to about $59" cos I've never bought a copy of windows but when i got that cheap pre order of win 7 with me staff discount on it I bought that....
    The iphone apps are generally all crappy little boredom breakers that keep people entertained for about 10 nano seconds before completing or realizing something shinier is available... or is that just me lmao
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