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    No proof or even really a suspicion but just so you all know, p/pnut/hyp from is behind it, and he was fairly deeply involved with the scam. Now, we don't think p is bad, a little stupid perhaps, but just to put this here for those to be wary and not going giving this guy a lot of money.

    Take this as a public service announcement of sorts
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    Here comes the next scam.

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    wtf, second scam??

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    With the new site that has come up there are rumors of my involvement in that as well. I did not endorse that message or give permission for my name to be used in that message. I want you to know that I am not affiliated or involved in that new site/company that is taking the place of seednation.
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    So, the guys that were apart of seednation are now scamming but under a different alias?

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    Well yes and no. I'm not sure why p/pnut/hyp is doing this, perhaps he's seen he can make a quick buck. Or maybe he's getting help from Dhruv, no idea.

    But originally seednation only had one scammer, Dhruv.
    <%russ0r> how many people we going to stuff on a gbit box tho?
    <@p> 4*
    <@p> per box
    ok, who here thinks you can even GET a Gbit for for $40 per month ($10 per month x 4 users)?
    <@p> Intel i7 Quad Core 860 (8X2.80GHz)
    <@p> 10GB DDR3 Ram
    <@p> 3TB SATA2 Hard Drive
    <@p> 10Gbps Connection
    Can you even GET 10GB on an i7? What would that be, 2x8GB and 2x1GB? Well, that makes almost no sense, it would be cheaper to get 4x4GB... Does a 3TB drive exist too? (well maybe 2x1.5TB). And a 10Gbps connection. Well, the only people who sell 10Gbps are OVH, and certainly if these server are really hosted @ HE, a 10Gbps link with even 1TB traffic would cost hundreds, LOL.

    <%rXXXXX> at the risk of getting banned, there are 5 rtorrents running, and thats with mine closed, add me and that is 6, there are 7 users created on the box
    <%rXXXXX> and it's only got a 5gb for those people, not 2TB
    <%rXXXXX> so i'm wondering why you told me and everyone else different
    <%rXXXXX> that's all
    <%rXXXXX> (each rtorrent is running from a different user)
    %rXXXXX waits for gline
    <%rXXXXX> i mean you add that with all the other inconsistancies and whatever is going on doesnt look good - and it should be spotless after dhruv
    <+saby> ^^
    <+AXXXXX> I'm with rXXXXX on this one
    <@p> umm
    <@p> rXXXXX
    <@p> im on the box right now
    <@p> theres 4 ppl
    <@p> from this channel
    <@p> that are on that box
    <@p> the other are test accounts
    <@p> and monitoring accts
    <@p> and there isnt 5gb hdd
    <@p> its a 2tb
    <@p> but we have it setup
    <@p> for each user to have 5gb
    <@p> and thats all u can see
    <@p> cus its a dedicated space partition
    <@p> numb nuts
    <@p> if u dont like it
    <@p> open a ticket
    <@p> ill delete ur account
    <@p> and
    <@p> refund ur money
    <@p> i dont care it dont effect me
    <@p> the new box is online.
    <%rXXXXX> well i wiped my data and there is still 1 some GB in use
    <%rXXXXX> so thats not true
    <@p> yeah it is
    <@p> cus u still have stuff on rus
    <@p> im looking at urs now
    <@p> in ur cache
    <%rXXXXX> theres nothing there, dude
    <@p> here. I'll remove you
    <@p> whats your username
    <@p> ill refund ur money
    <@p> someone else want his slot?
    <%rXXXXX> rt0rrent4@server:~/.cache$ ls -la ~
    <%rXXXXX> total 28
    <%rXXXXX> drwx------ 3 rt0rrent4 rt0rrent4 4096 Oct 27 16:08 .
    <%rXXXXX> drwxr-xr-x 10 root root 4096 Oct 26 19:59 ..
    <%rXXXXX> -rwx------ 1 rt0rrent4 rt0rrent4 1015 Oct 27 09:18 .bash_history
    <%rXXXXX> -rwx------ 1 rt0rrent4 rt0rrent4 220 Oct 26 16:10 .bash_logout
    <%rXXXXX> -rwx------ 1 rt0rrent4 rt0rrent4 3180 Oct 26 16:10 .bashrc
    <%rXXXXX> drwx------ 2 rt0rrent4 rt0rrent4 4096 Oct 26 16:11 .cache
    <%rXXXXX> -rwx------ 1 rt0rrent4 rt0rrent4 675 Oct 26 16:10 .profile
    <%rXXXXX> rt0rrent4@server:~/.cache$ df -h
    <%rXXXXX> Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    <%rXXXXX> /dev/vzfs 477G 126G 352G 27% /
    <%rXXXXX> rt0rrent4@server:~/.cache$
    <@p> u cant view the cache
    <@p> its auto deletes
    <@p> after 3 days
    <@p> like the old SN boxs
    <@p> its rtorrent
    <@p> not rutorrent
    <@p> it saves ur files
    <@p> in another directory
    <@p> for leech protection
    <@p> and other users logging into urs
    <@p> if u dont beleive me buddy
    <@p> ill remove
    <@p> so please supply ur answer
    <@p> i dont have to do this
    <%rXXXXX> nope
    <%rXXXXX> you dont have to lie either
    <%rXXXXX> but you are
    <@p> I am lying?
    <@p> hrm.
    <@p> ill fix you then.
    <@p> ryannerocha is using the same box
    <@p> auebix is using the box
    <@p> and Phersick is
    <%rXXXXX> fix me then
    <@p> specto is using the new box
    <%rXXXXX> i knew you would
    <%rXXXXX> when i brought this up
    <@p> U HVE SPACE
    <@p> U CAN SEED
    <@p> UR PAYING 6.50$
    <@p> im not giving u a sb on the new box
    <%specto> /dev/vzfs 477G 126G 351G 27% /
    <%rXXXXX> there isnt much wrong the problem is that your lying and that doesnt look good thats all
    <%rXXXXX> you werent going to anyways
    <%rXXXXX> you can remove me
    <%rXXXXX> ban me
    <%rXXXXX> whatever
    <@p> going to what?
    <%rXXXXX> put me on a new box
    <%rXXXXX> you said this was a new box
    <%rXXXXX> and it wasnt
    <%rXXXXX> it was setup with seenation 8 days ago
    <@p> the box ur on
    <@p> IS A NEW BOX
    <@p> WAS ON THAT BOX
    <@p> AND D4RK
    <@p> it says
    <@d4rK> hmmm
    <@p> then we REIMGD IT
    <@d4rK> whats the issue here?
    <@p> d4rK nothing
    <@p> dont worry bout it
    <@p> im deleting his account
    <@p> he dont wan tit
    <@p> and ill refund the money
    <%rXXXXX> the truth is the issue
    <@d4rK> kk
    <@d4rK> rXXXXX
    %rXXXXX ( Quit (G-Lined: Laters)
    What is this cache he speaks of? Since when did rm -rf move files to some mystery cache? lol....

    Seriously, how stupid are some people...
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    Hey all, please don't take the warnings lightly. Regardless if he can deliver the goods or not, getting involved with him or whatever he's doing will just cause you more drama and stress than it is worth.

    [18:49:06] <Aebiux> GL in all your endeavors guys. I enjoyed meeting a lot of cool people here, but I won't be back. Don't let anyone tell you I was ever in support of seedmasters. I hope P can fulfil his promisses to offer 10gbit dedicated boxes to the first 10 ppl that donate him $300 up front for VIP (yes he said this). I hope his new 1gbit seedboxes come through like he promised, and I hope he takes care of you. Even if P can provide the goods, I don't want to be part of this shady operation. I asked for a refund, created my ticket, did everything that he asked. The ticket asked me for more information to process the refund, and when I went to reply to the ticket, it wouldn't accept it because he deleted my account. Anyways, so far he hasn't given any of the old VIP's refunds that have asked for it, and P even lied earlier and said he did, to which was given proof of the contrary. He's lied about a lot of things, which is one of the reasnos why I leaving.
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    rXXXX is me. i could'nt sit by anymore and not call it out, of course he lied about the lies and then lied some more, here's a little extra proof

    #vip lies:
    refund lies:
    more lies proof:

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    <@p> its being provided by which is a branch off SolidSolutions Dedicated Server provider that I own.
    00:48 <@p> the servers are hosted in HurricaneElectric(He.Net) one of the best datacenters in the world
    00:48 <@p> for seedbox nodes are.
    00:48 < DarkStar> Sounds pretty good, Dhruv used to use 100tb I think, they had really good connections.
    00:49 < DarkStar> Pretty good deals on Shells you have going there.
    00:50 <@p> 100tb isnt created yet
    00:50 <@p> loooooool.
    00:50 <@p> our nodes are
    00:50 <@p> 16 cores
    00:50 <@p> 18gb ram
    00:50 <@p> 2x1tb hdd's
    00:50 <@p> 1gbit connection
    00:50 <@p> thats for vips
    00:50 <@p> lifetime vips will have an option for the first 5 ppl
    00:50 <@p> to get on 10gbit box
    00:50 <@p> the first free users
    00:50 <@p> will be on a 100mbit box isn't one of the best DC for seedbox, in fact they are one of the worst and will kill your server at first sign of copyright infringement.

    Either way, even a 100mbit in that DC costs minimum $100 a month, for a single RU let alone Gbit.... Anyone can verify this, just put it into and you'll see.

    As for 10Gbit, you can ask them for that price as well. Just ask em for 100mbit, Gbit, and 10Gbit... You'll be blown away how much it costs

    Wow, unbelievable how thick people are:

    <saby> and those thelen and others posted this sentence framing it along with the scam posts
    <coolio> and normally it follows with that what she said
    <saby> they picked up random sentences and framed the whole thing
    <coolio> ah saby there is always elements of truth behind any speculation bud...thats why i alays tend to be cautios...just like taking a dump in a public bathroom
    <saby> they just frame the sentences in such a way that it sounds legit
    <+unxor> reffering to everythign tho, not just this channel
    <+unxor> yea
    <+unxor> well heres one for you
    <+unxor> i do a lot of trading etc-
    <+unxor> stocks/forex
    <+unxor> every broker i use has like
    <+unxor> 500 bad reviews
    <+unxor> etc-
    <+unxor> ive NEVER had any problems
    <+unxor> infact i make good cash from them
    <+unxor> people just do stupid shit and lose cash or hear something that isnt accurate
    <+unxor> and start jumping to conclusions
    <saby> ya
    <+unxor> this happens for everythign.. real life or not
    <+unxor> heh
    <coolio> even porn films
    <saby> its simple business tactics
    <+unxor> yea
    <saby> frame the other to gain
    <coolio> you think its real
    <+unxor> saby, exactly
    <coolio> but its fake
    <@d4rK> well in all honesty
    <saby> yay d4rK \o/
    <@d4rK> there profit from seedboxes are lame
    <@d4rK> i run autoupload bots for various sites
    <@d4rK> thats real money
    <@d4rK> fuck torrents
    <saby> nice d4rK
    <@d4rK> they make money off scene
    <@d4rK> people who do it for kicks to trade with other friends and affiliates
    I can't even put into words how exasperated I am... It's like, they ignore what is plainly said right in front of them, and throw it on me and others like we created some sort of conspiracy... And apparently they even have moral high-grounds to retreat to (saying the scene is all good, lol..) Anyway, if the mods want me to stop posting 'updates' on what is going on, I'll setup a blog and do it there, but figure people should have all the information on what is really going on.

    Insofar as p/pnut/hyp being innocent, he definitely has banned people from the IRC after saying he has refunded them, but not.

    See (taken from )
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    Just to show you that i am more intrested in the truth, within the last hour i received a refund from one of the paypal accounts after filing a dispute with paypal, here's the proof:

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