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Thread: Google spying indoors?

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    I just read a post on another site that claimed they saw a room scan take place through an infrared viewer. They suspect it was the baseball cap they were wearing. It had a metal beanie on top with a suspicious design. I proceeded to operate on one of my most recently purchased baseball caps and I will no longer buy caps with a metal beanie on top. All that's necessary for that top pin to do its function, is a regular solid aluminum rivet, yet the new caps have a really intricate design to them, and they sell for a dollar. Leave it to the Chinese and Google to come up with that. I feel sorry for the military and other Government Agencies who might not be aware the problem exists. People wearing civilian clothing in sensitive areas can inadvertently allow room scans. I'm not certain if line of site is necessary, but a window is all that would be required if it is.

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    Google has a policy to not be Evil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggyjuarez View Post
    Google has a policy to not be Evil.
    Every time you search using Google they save your IP and your search terms, NO PRIVACY. Now Google has introduced 'instant' which is not only annoying but its very purpose evil hand crafted to manipulate you.

    Instant is not an optional feature instead its forced upon the masses and dubbed progress, and they figure people will just 'get used to it' and accept it.

    Google is trying to train its users to not clear their cookies; cookies is how Google keeps tabs on you. How have they done this you may ask? By 'Google Instant' OFC; because they know that most people clear their cache, history, cookies, etc. often(which sucks for Google because if you didn't do that Google would be able to more proficiently hit you with ads and search results custom tailored to your preference, all in the propose of getting their paying customers in front of your face).

    Thus Google made the disablement of 'instant' only possible by turning it off in options and leaving your cookies set. They are in fact training you like a dog jumping through hoops. If you don't like something Google does don't touch your temp files or the annoyingly evil feature will keep coming back like flies on shit. They know you wont stop using Google, and Google wont stop using you.

    'Google Adwords' is the shit, 'Google Instant' is the flies, and is the asshole it all came from.

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    I wouldn't doubt if Google starts offering a feature that, for a price, will save your IP so even if you clear everything whenever you use a Google your preferences will be saved on their side and loaded to your browser, because they are dead set on getting you to pay or look at ads.
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    Yup there were lots of reports like spying using wifi n taking login credentials etc , also some of their apps play their part in these process


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