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    I'll be completely honest here. I probably know some people that are there that would invite me but I would rather not go asking around, plus I'm lazy.....

    Do I need Probably not. I am trying to get in primarily to get a couple invites to invite some r/l friends that have some shitty internet speeds.

    That being said, I will use the site. Not a crazy amount, but at least weekly or so (more at first to get invites if they are based on user class's ect).

    I am a good member ect ect ect.

    Please dont invite me if you are a trader, I'd rather not be in your tree.

    /me wonders if this is the first request that specifies no traders.

    Anyway, if you have some invites, and are willing to give one to someone who will appreciate it and use it, Im your guy.

    EDIT: Thanks Jardinnegro
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    DO NOT PM me 4 invites thanks

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    cool request
    ''no traders''

    pm me your mail buddy..
    invite sent..
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