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Thread: Fastest Booting Os

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    So what do you think ?

    Is it safe to use hybernation over and over and over ??

    When it does go into hybernation, im guessing it copies whatever is in the memory to hdd and back to memory when out of hyberation so it shouldnt be corrupt would it ??

    Im planning on having a pc in my car just for mp3's.

    I was going to get a deck but a pc would be so much more fun to play around with.

    The reason im asking about hybernation is that im planning on having the pc straight from the battery to the pc (of course im going to use propper stuff)
    and rig the power button so when i turn the egnition, it comes out of hybernation and when i flick it again it goes back to sleep.

    I put this in softwareworld because i just need to know about the hybernation thing.

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    I don't recommend leaving a laptop in a car 24/7 (you will get jacked real quick), but if you insist on it... I think it's just better to turn it off completly while not in use.

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    No No.. im not talking about a laptop.

    Im going to build a PC inside my car with a mini-itx motherboard.

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    I've thought about doing that, too. Put the mobo inside a static protected clear plastic case mounted under the dash. Your optical drive(s) can be stored in the glove box. You don't need a floppy. The hardest part will be the screen - you'd do best to get yourself a small 5" LCD and mount it in the dash or on top of the dash somehow. And yes, if it's obvious you have a PC, you will get jacked.

    My computer doesn't entirely support hibernation. It tries, but if you touch the mouse, it comes back out. So I just shut mine off. Or maybe that's Standby.

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    Yeah i was thinking to use hibernation (just found out i was spelling it wrong) because instead of booting up the pc then starting up winamp it would be cool to just turn it on and in a few seconds its playing winamp.

    For an LCD screen i dont think there will be a problem.

    Im just going to install the software and set it up and then just connect a small LCD like this one so i can see what song is playing through winamp.

    Im planning on buying the winamp remote.

    If the hiberation thing works out how i want it to im set

    I might have to leave this for a while until i can get some cash saved for this project.

    BTW have a look at this.

    These little mini itx boards are so spun out!

    Click the image to go to the site.

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    OMG that is a small mobo.

    The best OS for you would be Windows Embedded. It's made for cash registers and the like, and Microsoft customizes it. They'll probably charge you through the nose for it, but that's my answer. Tell them you want it to boot into Media Center, so you have access to Windows Media Player on a touch screen LCD. Though I really don't know what it would cost.


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