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Thread: Mail Server

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    Hello all. I know this is not Kazaa related, but I have received many helpful answers from this forum before, so I figured I'd try with this. My mother had to recently change her email due to trouble with the mail service we were using before. Now, she is on Yahoo. But, unfortunately for me, she's computer dumb. She sells things online and is used to clicking a person's email to write them, because outlook express would open up a box and let her send from there. But because she is on Yahoo, she has to copy and paste the email to her yahoo message. I would like like to find out Yahoo's mail server so that I can set it up on Outlook so my mom can use it like she did before. Can anyone tell me how to find it?

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    is it yahoo/ service

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    Tools ==>> Accounts,after that your on your own, the info above may be what you'll need...

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    Didn't Yahoo stop this, I've never used Yahoo, but many of my friend do, and I was told by them, that Yahoo set it up so if you wan to use Outlook you have to pay, that only premium Accounts can use a client with their mail servers.

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    Originally posted by Supernatural@6 November 2003 - 10:10
    Using Yahoo! Mail with Outlook Express
    Yeah, Yahoo stopped this for it's free customers some time ago, you have to pay an annual fee to get POP access to your yahoo mail now.

    Try YahooPops


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