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Thread: Anyone Want To Fix A Problem?

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    Hey. I am currently having a problem playing .avi movies for the past two months. I would open them, and either
    1) Computer would freeze, have to do alt-ctrl-delete to exit out of Windows Media Player
    2) Windows Media Player would crash. This does the same thing using Real Alternative.

    I tried the KazaaLite codecs, but that didn't help at all. Does anyone know who this happens? I am currently running on a Windows 98SE. Thanks!

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    What's your system specs? Did you remove your old codecs before installing K-Lite Pack? Try a different player like BS-Player, ZoomPlayer, MediaPlayerClassic, etc. If your machine is slow, try VideoLan.

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    what does this have to do with movies try posting for help in the right place im sure youll find a lot more help

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    Okay, whats your basic infromation about your computer e.g (ram, mhz/ghz etc.)

    And .avi's you download!?

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    is this all or any different avi or just a couple??


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