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Thread: Best Video Card Less Than 100 Bucks.

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    I have a Nvida geforece 2 64mb card. A card that I thought was highly capable.

    Recently i downloaded and tried the new Final Fantasy benchmark and my computer was nearly OFF THE CHARTS!!! (unfortunately in the bad way).

    I have a p4 running XP with only 384 MB of ram. I know I need to upgrade that as well. But at least I know exactly what I need to buy.

    If I can spend something less than 100... hopefully something around 80 on sale. What is the best card to get? I guess I mean best deal, we can argue which card is better for here to the end of time. I don't care about that, I just need an upgrade and I need the most bang for my buck.

    I have always been a fan of nvidia for compatibility reasons, but I am open minded.

    I don't know what a DVI out is, so i have no need for it. I also have no need for a programmable card, since I won't know how to program it.

    What enspireded me to ask you guys is that I saw some prices for a nvidia FX 5200 with 256 MB that cost the same as a FX 5600 with 128 MB? which one do you take.

    I bet I should probably go with the extra memory, since the 5600 might have options I will never take advantage of.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    And to anyone who recently purchase a video card in that price range I would love to hear what you got, how much, and where, since I am very much shopping around.

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    Where are yuo located? It would be easier for people to help you if we knew what currency you were using and where you are from.
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    I thought bucks were strictly an american currency. I guess not.

    I am on the east side of the united states on america.

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    $63CDN >> Aopen GeForce4 MX440-8X 64MB DDR AGP8x w/TV Retail

    This video card will play anything.

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    I would have to agree with Spock4, I'm using the Geforce 4 MX-440, 120 MB of Ram though, and it plays everything I want, with no hassle at all.

    And I know you can get them way under 100 bucks now.

    Well, just visited, and you can get much better cards than the Geforce 4 for less than 100 dollars. so try there, and see what you like.
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    i disagree. i wouldn't upgrade from a Geforce 2 to a Geforce 4 MX because the GF4MX is technically almost the same thing as a GF2. there'd be no point, because it's barely an upgrade at all.

    if you insist on sticking with Nvidia, get at least a Geforce 4 Ti or a Geforce FX.

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    Why go with a MX or Ti when you can have DirectX9 supported FX5200?


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    is that just a no-name nvidia card? kind of like no-name micron memory?

    Am I correct in thinking that I want to get a card with more memory such as something with 256 MB of ram?

    Or are there faster cards with only 128 MB of ram.

    Is this a good deal or card? It looks like a no-name FX 5200 with 256mb for 79 dollars.


    I guess is there any words of caution for buying a no name product like this?

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    Originally posted by healimonster@6 November 2003 - 15:11
    Am I correct in thinking that I want to get a card with more memory such as  something with 256 MB of ram?
    actually you're wrong - though having the extra memory does infact give you a little speed boost, its not worth the extra money you pay for it

    buying a no-name card usually means you just won't get extra bits like software, its still the same card in effect
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    Originally posted by Virtualbody1234@6 November 2003 - 06:31
    Why go with a MX or Ti when you can have DirectX9 supported FX5200?
    because the FX5200's test scores are worse than Geforce 4 Ti's and it's not exactly going to tear up DirectX 9 games anyway? hardware support for DirectX 9 effects is there... but is the card fast enough that it'll actually be desirable to render them? newer doesn't necessarily mean better in the case of the 5200.

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