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Thread: Mash

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    any 1 know a good place to get the series of mash. its out on dvd now and cant seem to find anyplace that has it

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    im not sure myself but try posting your movie REQUEST in the movie REQUESTS theres a pinned topic at the top ya cant miss it

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    Originally posted by 3RA1N1AC@6 November 2003 - 18:53
    He meant where can he ddl it from. I think he don't wanna buy that...

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    yeah, like people are really gonna share rips of MASH.

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    just hit up ebay or, and you'll be showered with plenty of mash dvd's.

    sidenote: the original cast was the best...burns, trapper, blake, hullihan, peirce, the 2nd father mulcahey was better than the first imo.


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