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Thread: Modem Advice Please

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    I am in Thailand with very dirty phone lines, very slow connection, and non-existent bandwidth. Thought I might improve things a bit if I got an external hardware modem, such as USR.
    Can anyone recommend a model, or maybe another brand that might help my speed here? Have heard USR is good, but do not have any experience of them or any others.
    Many Thanks.

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    If it's the whole network around there that bad, I don't see how a new modem would help. You can't fix an external problem with an internal solution.

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    Well thats true new modems dont really... make a difference but... try getting a Linksys modem and a CAT-5E cable maybe you can make a difference.

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    Yes, I know a new modem will not fix the outside system, but a hardware modem will certaily improve the internal connction over the existing software modem.

    I will have a look at a Linsky. Thanks for that.

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    Forget the Linksys, that's a broadband modem, not 56k.

    No external modem can improve your speed or your connection, but it may take some load off your processor.
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    Well actually.. nope!.. i had an AOpen dial up before i had dsl and well lemme tell ya.. HORRIBLE MODEM.. it couldnt even connect at full speed all the time.. then i got an intel modem and it connected a little bit over full speed all the time.. which was great!

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    I can recomend Netgear or D link for modems.

    While we are on the subject does anyone know if you can connect to dial up with a ADSL modem?

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    i got a idea. for downloading stuff use download excelerator plus.

    google "DAP"

    it will speed u up pretty well. i used 2 get dl speeds of 30kb/s, now i get speeds of 200-300kb/s

    try it. if u do dl it pm me ill give u crack


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