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Thread: Limiting # Of Uploads Per User

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    I would like to limit the simultaneous downloads per user to 1, much like you can with WinMX. Can you do this with Kazaa Lite 2.4.3?

    In other words, I don't want just one user hogging my selected bandwidth. I would rather it be shared with other people.


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    options/kazaa lite options/traffic

    sorry, read wrong... that will limit total.
    i don't believe you can limit an individual user.

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    Just also remember that if you set it too high then everyone gets horrible speeds from you. Most people suggest 4-6. I seem to have people getting decent speeds when I allow as many as 10 uploads....sometimes 15 if I'm not doing anything else on the computer. Something that will also help:
    kazaa k++ options
    then there's the option "maximum bandwidth in kilobytes to be used for transferring files to other k++ users" which when raised will show a great increase in upload speeds.

    Thanks for being so sweet!!!!!
    You're definitely one of the good ones man!!!!!
    People like you keep p2p alive!!!!!

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    I know about that, but I thought that was the total number of uploads. Not uploads per user. Am I wrong here?

    If I set that to 1, only one person is going to be able to upload from me at a time, right?

    I would like to make it 3, but only allow a user to download one file from me at a time, thus allowing 2 other people to download from me also.

    -- ROL

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    Last tool I saw that was cabable of that was Kazap, though it appears it has been abbondened because it was buggy and quite truthfully sucked. Oddly that featyre may have been the only decent feature it had that is not in the current accelerator that I know of. You may want to go over to Development and ask that feature from Kazap be put into the current accelerator and see what response it gets...

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    I didn't think I was overlooking something. Thanks 4 the responses. That was always one feature that I liked about WinMX.

    Hopefully it'll pop up in the future with Kazaa Lite or as a tool that's stable.

    Thanks again,

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    As I said if you want things around here, put in a request at Development.

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    105 I get ya...silly me. Ya I'd love a feature like that because I have the same problem too. Thanks for the links to request it Reality.


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