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    Does anyone have a good site to download audio book nzbs from?

    Thanks in advance

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    Pimpn aint easy

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    Your best resource is probably to search or browse the audiobook groups directly:




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    Every couple of months I troll through the basic newsgroups listed above, on several sites including this one.

    The huge amount of retention has meant that these days, that's about all the time one really needs. I have about 50+ DVD-sized discs filled up with tons of stuff, most of it very-low-bitrate MP3 (all that's needed), 'fed' by a half-dozen DVD-RW's. I 'try' to keep things fairly well by author/title, maybe one of these days I'll put them all on my NAS and then pour from there to USB plugs for portable use.

    If I get really handy this winter, maybe a 'project'.

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    myanonamouse is great for audiobooks and more

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustDOSE View Post
    AUDIO -books not e-books.

    I was thinking to make a simple site out of it, I love audiobooks to get me into sleep.
    My problem with audiobooks is ; the voice if I hate the voice , I hate the book.
    Does anyone know a good site with all the audiobooks +info ( like imdb for movies ).
    If it exists , I can extract most of the audiobooks and extract the info from that site (or multiple sites)
    Should create a nice list , like I did with nzbmovieseeker with movies.

    Could be something nice to think about.


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