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Thread: Microsoft Windows Servers

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    Does anyone have either of the latest Windows servers?

    I want Windows 2000 Server with integrated Sp4 but Windows 2003 Server is probably what I would actually use. But I want 2000 just to fall back on in case I get tired of XP/2003. And of course I'd share the ISO/BIN for both as I already have Windows 98 SE up. I've got the Windows 2000 Server with integrated Sp2, but I haven't ripped it to ISO and shared it as I see no reason to with Sp4 out, not to mention the 2003 Server.

    I can get Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition, and I was running it for a day or two, but it sucks. Rightfully so, as it's an upgrade to Windows 2000 Advanced Server, which sucks as well. They're made for better systems. But Windows 2000 Server Standard runs great on desktop PCs and I imagine Windows 2003 Sever Standard would be just as good.

    Does anyone find it funny that the "Luna" interface is not available in Windows 2003 Server? It's almost like Microsoft stopping short of saying "My bad"... kinda like they did releasing Windows XP a year early to steal market share from the crappy Windows ME.

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    if you like to use emule go onto and the servers are there including win 2k server with sp4 integrated and i am 80% sure they are bin a nd cue files


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