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Thread: I need some advice from you guys.

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    I am building a new computer soon for when i start to travel. It will either be run off a generator or inverter not sure yet. I will using it for watching movies and playing my music straight from the hard drive. What do you recommend i buy if it was your choice.
    1. A single 2 tb drive.
    2. or Two 1 tb drives.

    I want 500gb for Windows 7 , programs and games.
    500gb for my music.
    1tb for movies.

    Would you partition the drive to keep Windows, music and movies seperate, i usually do if you wouldnt partition drives why?
    Ok thanks for your imput and hope you can help me make my decision.

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    Its safer for your data, also you can take a little larger risk and make a speedy raid from them. Keep partitions them separate, because your win7 will fail sooner or later and you will be needing and full reinstall.

    I advice you to regulate your voltage by an external device, and use very high quality inverter( or generator) and PSU.

    Give more details for better advices. Why do you need to carry a PC with you? Why not a notebook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Expeto View Post
    Its safer for your data, also you can take a little larger risk and make a speedy raid from them.
    I donīt think this is right. 2>1 is correct, if you have all your data on each of the disks.
    If you split your data across 2 disks, the risk of data loss is actually higher. If you want to guarantee data integrity you should buy two 2TB disks and set them up in a raid 1.

    at OP, why donīt you buy a notebook and one or two external HDDs?
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    Or a notebook with hard disk docking station as it will reduce costs compared to external hardisks.



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