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Thread: Article: Silent Hill 2 Filming This Winter

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    Carmody added, "Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D, Paranormal Activity 2, and Saw 3D show that global audiences have a continued thirst for the horror action genre. Silent Hill, likeResident Evil before it, is a beloved video game, now becomes a successful film franchise that both encompasses and transcends the game world
    Translation: "As long as the idiots keep giving me money to turn out this trash I will keep right on making it".
    Afterlife,Solomon Kane that's a glowing resume.

    Btw if anyone what's to give my cat a million dollars I'm sure he can come up with a film at least as good as those. Actually just yesterday he came up with a hairball that was more entertaining than either.

    Also with all the great good OK mediocre movies being produced today why is this news?


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