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Thread: Best multi host premium link generator ?

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    I am looking for a good multihost premium link generator, even paying one.
    Any advice ?

    Thx, and rgds

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    If Your Goin to pay try this i wont recommended paying for multihosting)

    Jus take some time search what you need if find most of the stuff your in need of in a particular hosting better buy a premium account there as most of the stuff can be found in Hotfile i would suggest you that and if some of the content you need cant be found in Hotfile you can remote upload that file from another provider to hotfile

    Anyways here are some multihost premium link generator:

    Here is the indexer

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    is there any site with oron premium, so far i can't find any that even work oron, always get error about captcha codes.

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    or try
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    @ greatseeder thnx for the links

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    Yeah I usually use Make sure you have adblock and noscript though, it seems like a bit of a shady site.
    Quote Originally Posted by whatcdfan View Post
    u are somewhat fairer then the last occasions but still pal i give a damn to what u said and expect i really dont need anything from u or optimuscrime i get what i want coz u 2 guyes dont own bittorrent and i dont think i portrayed any image i wrote simple english and u are seems to be very good at making assumptions if someone is not a cheater and u assume he's a cheater and write what u wrote and when u are proven wrong who u think will owe an apology then barack obama????

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    one of the first and most popular is /

    or you can try

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    RapidLeech servers updated Daily

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    Holy balls! I didn't even know that this type of service existed. Nicely done. is the only one I tried. It works great.

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