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Thread: How do you organize your music?

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    I do mine by genre>subgenre>artist>album>song etc. I find this easiest for sharing via slsk as well as bit torrent. Though it can be cumbersome when looking for a specific tune in MediaMonkey's location view. Anyones thoughts?

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    How do you organize your music?
    I don't, mostly.
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    I let itunes do it for me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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    I just find it easy to have it well organized for djing and such. Perhaps it's just my cyber-ocd

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    I have mine organized by genre/artist
    I also keep a various mp3 folder organized by genres
    It is easier that way for me and sharing.
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    Dump it all in /MP3 or /MP3-INT, might create a /MP3-Promo or /MP3-Single or /MP3-WEB soon.

    I've been tempted to sort it by the release month like topsites do but searching without a db is gonna be a bitch and I don't download mp3 pres that are uploaded to MP3-TODAY anymore.

    In the old days when I had time to go through infinite amount of dirs to get to an album I used to categorize it by artist eg. /home/MP3/E/Eminem/<Album name>.
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    In folders, one folder per artist.

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    I use MP3Tag to properly tag all my music. Then it doesn't matter where the files are located. It still takes hours to tag everything properly.

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    tags shud be correct in order to get music sorted out in ur player properly, wmp has this feature to edit all the tags properly by the information downloaded from for the windows explorer MY Music>One folder Per artist>One folder per album>One folder per quality

    Quote Originally Posted by KFlint View Post
    I let itunes do it for me and I wouldn't have it any other way.
    i tunes does the best especially if all the music is in one format like only FLAC's or only MP3's i dont use i tunes but i too do it in the same pattern
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