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Thread: Windows Media Center dvr is awesome...

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    I built a new pc and decided to hook the old one up to my tv. I thought about selling it but I'm glad I didn't. I put in a $40 video card with hdmi out and I'm good to go along with a hdhr.

    Windows 7 media center is awesome for a dvr. I have cable internet and it ends up being cheaper if I have the very basic package thats locals and pbs. I set up a hdhomerun. It was a pain getting the channels mapped but now I have a very cool dvr without paying tivo. I had a tivo for about a year but when there is nothing on its hard to justify paying the tivo fee so I got rid of it.

    I have the dvr setup to go into s3 sleep. This thing is really sweet and has netflix integrated into it. Also picked up a $14 remote for media center. Its great if you get by on block accounts so it will save you some gb's for network tv shows.
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