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Thread: The Animals of Farthing Wood, help me find this youth series please :)

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    I am looking for this series existing out of 3 seasons.

    I already found season 1 on usenet (AAF releases). I am still looking for season 2 and 3.

    I already found TPB torrent with all 3 seasons in one. This is really bad quality.... 50-60mb per episode.

    I found this link [] which has season 1 and 2. I would like to download season 2 from it but I really have no clue how to... I need to do it via IRC but how or to which channel do I connect? :S

    If anyone else knows where I can find Season 2 and 3, thanks very much already!

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    I found it on bitmetv!

    But also there the 3rd season is crappy quality.

    Found season 1: ~ 233 MB/Episode
    Found season 2: ~ 190 MB/Episode

    This quality is ok but season 3 is shitty:

    Found season 3: ~ 87MB/Episode

    If someone can help me getting season 3 at better quality, that would be appreciated


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