I've had a camcorder for years and have had no desire to combine files. I prefer keeping them rather short.

Is it your video player doesn't use a playlist and the play quits after each video? Is that the problem?

The software I use can play all or any part of a video clip (time-line playback) in whatever order I desire or Random. There is no need to waste time and space by combining videos.

The reason for joining files can't be that people are sharing them over the NET. Really huge files don't transfer easily. So one would have to be giving the Videos out on DVD's. If that's the case and you pass them out on DVD's or USB Flash Drives; just include the FREE video player program set to autorun. No joining needed ever.

So just What is "the main reason" people want to join videos?

I see a lot of net chat about "Joiners". Fooie to the Joiners. Who needs them.