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Thread: Grave Digger [Help]

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    My dilemma [although a good one, it is a dilemma none the less] is I have been talking about Grave Digger for years to an older metalhead from work. The other day he asked if I still love Grave Digger. He said he heard a song on XM radio, something about a rebellion and has bagpipes. I told him what song it was and what CD it came from. He said he loved it and wants me to make a hits compilation for him. I told him 1 is impossible, 2 is doable. He said no more than 2. I think I may have put my foot in my mouth. I have 19 release to get things from [that includes the release from Digger and EPs but not the live ones] I haev a folder just for his CDs but at last look I have 72 songs in there. So I am reaching out to any and all Grave Digger fans to help me narrow this list.36 or maybe 37 will fill 2 cds. that makes about 2 songs per album.
    Thanx in advance
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    Awesome band.. thanks


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