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Thread: Ken Park

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    Ken Park, has everything you want in a movie,it has a underage boy eating out his girlfriends out ass mom who has nice pussy hair,then you have a guy choking himself while jackin it off where you see the guy bust a load in the movie,then you have what I think is the best scene in the movie which comes towards the end and it is the threesome scene between the two guys and the fine ass girl with that funny as hell country folk music being played in the background,man thats some funny shit.

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    I hated it,Kids was a better movie
    Ken Park is just a pedo flick posing as a legitamit movie

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    the guy who made Ken Park is gonna burn in hell.

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    Pitbul your going to burn in hell while you are being sodimized by tarzan who thinks Ken Park is just a pedo flick posing as a legitamit movie.


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