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Thread: NewsgroupDirect Block Accounts at Half-Price!

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    Ever since recently dumped Highwinds, I've been looking for another *cheap* block provider that used Highwinds as its backend, to use as a fill-server for my existing accounts at Astraweb and Blocknews. NewsgroupDirect seems to fit the bill. (and before anyone recommends NewsDemon, I should point out that what NewsDemon calls "block accounts" are actually yearly accounts.)

    From NewsgroupDirect's website:

    50% Off Block Sale is Back!

    We did this a couple of months ago and had an overwhelming response, so we’ve decided to have another 50% off sale on our block accounts. We want to thank all of you who made so many purchases by giving you another opportunity to take advantage of these great savings. We’ve also added more block plans to our pricing page, so new users can have more block purchasing options than before. Here is a rundown of the prices for all of the block accounts that we are offering.

    * 10 GB – $2.50
    * 25 GB – $4.00
    * 50 GB – $7.50
    * 100 GB – $12.50
    * 200 GB – $20.00
    * 500 GB – $50.00

    The sale prices are available to everyone, new customers and current customers. Current block account customers can take advantage by logging into your account and choosing the option to add a block. New customers can simply choose the block amount that they want to purchase during the signup process. And remember, you can buy as many blocks as you want. So you can certainly stock up on your block accounts if you make frequent block purchases. The sale runs from 8 PM EST on November 9 until 12AM EST on November 19.

    About NewsgroupDirect Block Accounts

    Our block accounts are a simplified way to access usenet. There is no monthly subscription; you simply pay as you go. We offer a few different sizes for block accounts – the more you purchase the cheaper it is. Our blocks never expire, so you don’t have to worry about using your bandwidth or losing it.

    Please Note: Existing coupons will not work during the sale. All block purchases will be made at the price listed on the website. Monthly subscription accounts will continue to bill as usual.
    Now for the bad news:

    I tried to get an account set up, but their website is a bit messed up. The signup page only lists 3 of the 6 block sizes available, and the listed prices are higher than what is advertised. I'm not sure what to do now.

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    According to the Newsdemon blog they are now offering non-expiring block accounts:-

    but the sign up page still says that they are time limited.

    I left a comment last week asking about this but they simply deleted it. Not impressed to be honest.

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    Thanks for the tip, praxis. It's funny that NewsDemon changed it's 'block' account policy the same day that NewsgroupDirect started its half-price sale.

    I did not like the way that NewsDemon originally set up their "block" accounts to expire in a year and to re-bill when they expire - as if a person who wanted to renew would really want to get the same size again.

    I've never liked NewsDemon because they always seemed deceptive to me, such as routinely inflating their retention numbers over what all other Highwinds-backend providers were reporting, or advertising as their retention numbers that they planned to eventually have. And then there's all those reports of them secretly throttling users (and denying it) on their $11/mo special. NewsDemon just seems to be the kind of company in which you should always read the fine print every time you deal with them.

    But I must admit that NewsDemon seems to be a lot more honest (or should I say less dishonest?) than they used to be, so I welcome that.

    Praxis, What did you say on their blog that they were so offended that they deleted?
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    newsdemon blows a huge one for there years of deceptive crap. i think they are still inflating there numbers but thats what they do. i cant remember where i saw it but there new "special" is 9.99 a month for 300 gigs and then after that you get speed limited. wtf dont they do this anyways secretly? now they try to spin it as a sale? eff them lol

    i think newsgroup direct is the same company as newsdemon both there websites are in the same spot.

    to little to late if you ask me.

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    I've wondered before if NewsDemon and NewsgroupDirect were the same company or somehow connected. NewsDemon and Thundernews have always shared the same address in Anderson, South Carolina - so that tie was obvious. However, NewsgroupDirect's address is in Greenville, SC - about an hour's drive away. There are a few other similarities between them also. Not quite a 'smoking gun' but enough to raise suspicions.

    2130 Woodruff Rd Suite 2100 195
    Greenville, SC 29607
    phone 888-214-8353

    NewsDemon & Thundernews
    1619 E. Greenville Street #104
    Anderson, SC 29621
    Phone: 888.308.4272
    Fax: 888.549.3675

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    Zot, I simply asked about the difference between:-

    a. the blog stating block accounts were now non-expiring and didn't automatically renew, and

    b. when you click the link at the bottom to the pricing plans it still says they are for one year and re-billing.

    To be honest after what you've said I'm not surprised you don't want to go with Newsdemon.

    Regarding Newsgroupdirect, I was with them previously and they are strange in that only a limited number of plans seem to be available to new customers. Once you have an account it was possible to access a wider range of pricing plans after signing in. Why they do it this way I haven't a clue.


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