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    I'm wanting some really good, old, black and white gangster films. Cine? Idol? What should I get?

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    White Heat ,Public Enemy,Little Caesar,They Live By Night ,original Scarface, Brighton Rock shows the Brits knew how to do gangsters up right even way back in the day.
    .Not so much a urban gangster movie but High Sierra with Bogart .Again not a true "gangster movie" but Richard Widmark 's Udo in Kiss of Death gives Pesci's DeVito a run for the money as most psychotic mobster ever.
    Basically anything with either James( You dirty rat ) Cagney or Edward G. ( Mmmm yeah ,yeah) Robertson as gangsters is considered "classic".

    Found this list by a guy that knows a bit more about making gangster movies than I could ever hope to.
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    i'm not a specialist but i can always recommend some of the ones i particularly enjoyed:

    stanley kubrick
    the killing (1956) - an absolute masterpiece
    killer's kiss (1955) - less 'action' but great one too

    nicholas ray
    on dangerous ground (1952) - another slow but good film

    jean-pierre melville
    le deuxième souffle (1966) - one of my ten all-time favorite movies
    le doulos (1962) - another stunning french film starring jean-paul belmondo
    bob le flambeur (1956) - great flick

    claude sautet
    classe tout risques (1960) - another superb french film noir starring jean-paul belmondo and lino ventura

    robert rossen
    the hustler (1961) - not exactly a "gangster movie" but great flick nevertheless

    andré de toth
    crime wave (1954) - great film starring sterling hayden

    samuel fuller
    pick up on south street (1953) - another great one starring richard widmark

    jules dassin
    du rififi chez les hommes (1955) - a classic
    night and the city (1950) - a little masterpiece

    louis malle
    ascenseur pour l'échafaud - a french classic known for its brilliant miles davis soundtrack

    well, there are so many i can't think of all of them right now.

    more to come
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    Wow, this is way more than I was expecting. I cannot thank you enough guys. I have a lot to look through.


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