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Thread: Astraweb slow for anyone else?

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    It's been hours and I just wanted to know if anyone else is having issues connecting. I'm getting terrible speeds at the moment.

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    Yeah, I can't even connect to the server right now.

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    It's the North American servers, they are all slow. I tried the European servers to see if I could get better speeds and that one is better. I hope this is not a permanent thing.

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    Thanks for the tip!

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    Works fine for me
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    Ditto. The naserver was also slow last evening. Thanks, sassan, for the euroserver tip! First time I've encountered a problem with Astraweb.

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    Yeah, still having some problems with file completion. I'm 0/4 on TV shows today on Astraweb. Have never had this problem before.

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    I've also been having issues, over the past week. I usually avg about 1800 kB/s but it's been as low as 200 today and won't get any higher than about 1500, which I guess I'm lucky it's even getting that high - but I'm not paying to be 'lucky',lol.

    I submitted a support ticket and just got this as a response: "We are currently having some investigation and working on the servers. We hope to get the issues resolved as soon as possible." Hopefully they fix whatever's been screwing with all of our speeds sooner rather than later.

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    Seems to be back up again.

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