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Thread: Anyone coding with Ruby on Rails here?

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    I haven't had to code in ruby for a couple years and I'm back to it now, I haven't follow much of the new version of rails, but I think I will be migrating my code to rails 3 soon.

    I was using aptana radrails on windows back then but it was slow, it based on Eclipse so no big surprise here.

    Someone is suggesting using a virtual machine and install ruby and rails under linux and use komodo as an editing tool. But I wonder what if it's the nicest setup, if anyone has ideas, would be happy to hear them.

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    Why would you need to run Komodo on Linux VM? It's multiplatform and it worked for me on Windows just as fine.
    I didn't really have any experience with Rails, but RubyMine is being praised a lot (if you consider non-free software).
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    Last time I made an app with rails was about 4 years ago. Ruby and rails both changed a lot, so it's a major pain in the butt to upgrade to the newest version, which I'd like to do. I'm planning to start a new project so I want to be up to date. I finally figured a decent setup on Windows which allow me to have multiple versions of ruby until I migrate my application using pik. Using Aptana studio 3 as an editor and everything is good.

    I'll still have a look at RubyMine, never heard of it, thx.

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    Hah, I think it is quite ironic that I was thinking about posting a topic about Rails on here. I probably would have ended up using the identical title. But anyway, about Rails. I'm currently green with Rails and programming in general, but still, I've practically been self taught from books, besides the occasional Uni class a few years back.

    Initially, this summer, I started reading a book called Foundation of Rails 2 it covered version 2.0, but now, I've gotten myself into Rails Tutorial 3.0 by Michael Hartl. It's a fantastic book and legally free to read online. It teaches you the basics, Ruby language and deployment to Heroku, to more advanced topics like version control (Git) and Test Driven Development. It even helps you set up the Rails on multiple platforms. I'm currently running OSX, so it's a tad easier than Windows. Regardless, it's free and you should check it out. I'm currently on chapter 7, and it's definitely worth your time if your interested in learning the fundamentals of Rails again. So far, I've gotten a lot of it.


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